#YeyTegeytey : Moon Garden and More!

Another one for the books trip shared with my bff (thank you Jelly for this trip). One of the famous places to visit when you're bound to South is, of course, Tagaytay City. Perfect spot to take a break from the noise, traffic and everything that makes the Metro complicated (oops!). The highlight of our… Continue reading #YeyTegeytey : Moon Garden and More!


Valentines Day @ Pinto Art Museum

 “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”   2016 Valentines Day Challenge: Unveiling the truth behind the masterpieces hiding at the top of Antipolo, Rizal. Thanks to Jelly, Winnpy and Jom for sharing this trip with me. Pinto Art Museum is home of  contemporary and modern masterpieces of different mediums such… Continue reading Valentines Day @ Pinto Art Museum