The Unexpected Trip to Japan

Let me start this blog with this line “I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS IN JAPAN LAST YEAR!!!!”. Yes, I’m still in awe everytime I reminisce and browse my album.  For the record, this is actually my first out of the country travel (not for vacation) but more of a business travel.

So how did we spent the 6-day trip to Japan? First thing, we need to stay at NEC laboratory based in Fuchu where we are required to perform hardware and application testing then once our tasks have been completed, we take some of our extra time and take the trains and travel to nearby and busy areas of Tokyo. Luckily got one my master coaches in the office with me (such an amazing guy, Sir Ace) during this trip.

Sharing below some of the photos below 🙂

Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo

I’m teary-eyed when Sir Ace and I arrived in Asakusa. Such a dream come true to finally see a real temple. Sensoji Temple’s first gate is called Kaminarimon Gate then next is the Hozomon Gate and the main temple is called Hondo.  Don’t forget to try the  Omikuji ( a written fortune) before leaving the place.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Gladly, we were able to visit this place before we leave Tokyo. Guys, I swear this is heaven for me, it was like a buffet of fresh seafood and by far my favorite place 🙂


Ramen + Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Akihabara, Tokyo

Shibuya, Tokyo

The shopping district of Tokyo and famous for the “Shibuya crossing” and yes, I was able to experience that awesome moment of crossing this street with people taking selfies and videos. But guys, I do recommend you to drop by at Ikinari steak when you go here.

Ochanomizu, Tokyo

This place is also called the Guitar Street where both sides of the streets are guitar shops.

Tokyo City

Such a fantastic view.

Other photos below :

So that summarizes my unexpected trip to Japan. This place has a lot to offer and I will definitely go back.



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