#YeyTegeytey : Moon Garden and More!

Another one for the books trip shared with my bff (thank you Jelly for this trip). One of the famous places to visit when you’re bound to South is, of course, Tagaytay City. Perfect spot to take a break from the noise, traffic and everything that makes the Metro complicated (oops!).

The highlight of our Tagaytay trip is the Bali feels that welcomed us at Moon Garden. Everything offered by this garden-kept-secret were unexpected (overnight is not enough, this is guaranteed!)

From the unique and comfy rooms, to gardens, cabana’s and of course the breakfast! ❤

You can book a room at Moon Garden via AirBnB – Moon Garden for only Php 2,987/night.

To give you a glimpse of what made this place a Bali-like staycation, I’m sharing some snaps below. Happy viewing!

Their Cabana’s are perfect!!!

Hands down to the owners and caretakers of Moon Garden. I really appreciate how they’ve come up with the idea to build this fascinating place that is also nature-friendly, simple yet so relaxing and peaceful.

Of course, a souvenir shot! 📸

I have also listed below our extra activities for #YeyTegeytey.

Lunch at Bag of Beans

One of the well-known stopovers for tourists in Tagaytay is BoB, we tried ordering their ala carte meals and surprise!, their servings  ay sobrang sulit!

I ordered Pork Barbecue from the Grill menu ❤

And for dessert, their best-seller, APPLE PIE Ala Mode ❤

Day Tour at People’s Park and Picnic Grove

To complete this trip, our day tour itinerary includes People’s Park in the Sky that features the incomplete mansion which was built during the Marcos era. The view from the top is panoramic where you can see the fastastic Taal Volcano.

Next stop, Picnic Grove. Here we tried (for the first time) Kite Flying 😄 it was fun tho.

Then we took our lunch at Alamat Restaurant. Nom! Nom!

And before leaving I tried their Henna Tattoo for Php 150 since I’ve always been dreaming of having a minimalist permanent tattoo 😩.

Thank you to Jelly’s friends for the company. Till next time 💋

Oh well, it’s a wrap! For souvenirs and pasalubong, don’t forget to drop at Rowena’s for the yummy blueberry cheese tart and Buko pie 💋



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