Spilled Water Straight Into The Back of MacBook Pro (Retina)

Hello there! You bumped into this post because, it’s either you accidentally spilled water on your Macbook or you’re just searching for some precautionary measures for the safety of your valuable investment?

Either way, first things first, DO NOT PANIC!

Spilled water in the back of Macbook Pro is a serious situation. Take a look at the image below, major parts of your Macbook can have liquid damage because of the open holes at the back. Near these holes is your Macbook’s SSD, Logic Board and fan (it can spread the liquid inside your Macbook, affecting the other parts).


Last August 19, I accidentally spilled a cup of water straight into the back of my Macbook Pro while doing some stuff. I left it turned on for few minutes after the liquid contact, then I turned it off and let it dry  for the next day. When I tried to turn it on, it’s no longer working.

Most of the blogs I’ve read mentioned that there’s no longer a guarantee that it will be safe from water damage but there’s no harm in trying to save your Macbook. Checkout the general procedures below:

  1. Disconnect the power cord and immediately turn off your Macbook to avoid short circuiting and lessen the possibility of damaging the other components.
  2. Make sure to dry off excess water. If water is spilled directly into the back, lay down your Macbook in an “L-shaped” for few hours. Or dry it off in front of an electric fan for few days. In my case, I let it dry for 2 days.
  3. After drying off, try to turn it on. If it doesn’t boot up then let’s move to the options below (already tried both) :

Option # 1 : Go to PowerMac Center

  1. Proceed to the nearest PowerMac Center Authorized Service Provider. They already have 8 branches in Manila (SM North Annex, SM Megamall, Greenhills, Festival Mall, Glorietta 5, SM Aura Premiere, Circuit Lane, Cash & Carry Mall.
  2. Prepare the following if you decided to push through with this option, patience for long queues, and patience for their technical support.
  3. When your name has been called, the very first question they’ll ask you is “What happen Maam/Sir?”. Thinking of not telling the truth that you spilled water on you Mac so your warranty will not be voided? I suggest that you tell the truth, because some of the released MacBooks have water damage detector inside.
  4. They’re going to give you 3 options once you have speak out the truth. First, change the whole unit (means buying a new one), Second, pay 2,500Php for the Diagnostics and if they have figured out the damaged parts, they will give quotations (expect an expensive price that will cost you to buying a new one), Third, since warranty is already voided, they’ll recommend you to look for a repair shop.
  5. Yes, you have just wasted your time and effort 😉

Do not lose hope yet, my next recommendation below may have some good news for you.

Option # 2 : AB-Blanc Computer Repair Shop

  1. I was able to find this repair shop in Facebook (via Facebook group Macbook Pro/Air Users PH). Read most of the reviews and contacted some of their clients. Their Facebook Page is AB-Blanc Laptop/Apple Mac Repair Center
  2. Went to their place along Main Avenue (between 13th and 14th ave) last August 22, 2016, my contact person is Ate Cel (Mobile # : +63917-895-2315 Tel #: (02)-438-8622). Better give her a call before you go to their shop.
  3. Sir Tony (owner of the repair shop) checked my Macbook, ask some questions in relation to the accident and when he opened it, he immediately remove the battery connection. He pointed  the corrosion inside, some are on the logic board and SSD. After few minutes of checking, he suggested to clean first the corrosion inside and they will try to turn in on if this won’t work, they might need to check the other components or if replacement is needed.
  4. Before you leave your Macbook, they’ll ask you to sign all the parts as proof that nothing will be replaced w/o your consent and approval and their agreement with their client is “No Fix No Pay”.


5. The next day, Ms. Cel already gave me a call delivering the good news that my Macbook is already working. They’ve cleaned the corrosion inside and replace the powerchip which has been damaged. Keyboard and battery charging, burn-in test of SSD are some of the post verification testing performed before they called me for pick-up.

6. If PowerMac offered me a whole new unit, in AB-Blanc, I only paid 7,500Php(comes with 3 months warranty). As of this writing, I’ve been using my Macbook for almost 24hrs. 🙂

Lesson learned my dear, Macbooks are pretty sensitive in terms of liquid contact. Some of the articles I came across while researching are below, you can also use them as a reference :





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