Sweet Treat at Amo Yamie Crib, España 🍭

Even the unpredictable weather and my cousin’s diet can’t stop me from satisfying my cravings!

Today, I’m gonna share to you a hidden chilax place along España Boulevard. Oh I’m sure this is one of  Thomasian’s, Tamarraw’s and Warrior’s favorite hideout as it is located at the corner of P. Noval and España Blvd.

At first, you might get lost because if you’re not familiar/from  U-Belt you won’t be able to find this place easily. But this is worth searching for ❤️

Tip #1 this is just few steps from Nitz Restaurant, in front of Ministop along P. Noval, take note as well that this is not far from España Blvd.

Location : Third Floor, DB Building 1250, Padre Noval Street Corner España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila

Thumbs up for the welcoming staff! If you’re a first timer you can check out my sample guide below :

(1) They are going to assist you in searching for your desired crib. If your group is composed of 2-3 the ground cribs are suited for your, for larger group, they have a wider space on the upper cribs.

(2) Once you’ve chosen your place, you’ll be given an order slip and their menu for your orders. They have pastas, mini burgers, sandwiches, sweet treats like frappes, cheesecakes and etc.

(3) Present your accomplished order slip at the counter and pay your orders.

(4) Claim your order … Our choices were : S’Mores Dip (119Php) , Smurfy S’mores (149Php) , I LOVE S’MORES! and  Mocha Wish (149Php)


Tip #2 Great food shared with great people should come with great stories to catch up too! 

Tip # 3 If you’re planning to go here alone, I advise you to bring your laptop and make sure you have a good movie to watch, bring your novel book currently on queue or  your journal. Unfortunately, there are NO plugs for chargers 😦



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