#MikayGoesSolo : BOHOL

For the past 23 years of my life, I never imagined myself that one day, I’ll have this guts to travel alone. Not until last August 2015…

Something happened at work that forced me to take my 3 days vacation so a week before my scheduled leave, my mind is full of where-to-go’s and what-to-do’s. You might be asking why of all places, I chose Bohol? Simply because during that time, Air Asia is only offering Seat Sale to Tagbilaran for 800Php+ (one way).

And why am I traveling solo? This is for the reason that, no one is available to be my travel buddy. So sad! 😦

But hey, that doesn’t mean this is a “no go!” , because they say When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be=)

So how’s my #MikayGoesSolo to Bohol adventure? Find out below 🙂

Where did I stay?

Dumaluan Beach Resort

One of Bohol’s main attraction is Panglao and one of the pleasant yet affordable place to stay here is Dumaluan Beach Resort. Miss Kathy Cubero is the one who arranged my resort reservation. You can contact her via :

Email : cubero.katherine@yahoo.com

Mobile Phone # : +63923-844-0241

Here are my sample photos of the resort :

Oh I forgot to mention, this resort’s location is relaxing as well. You can chill, read a book, or simply watch the calm beach (starting 2pm onwards, the beach is low tide).

The resort offers you a perfect view of Dumaluan White Beach.

This is what the beach looks like at around 4pm…

And, this is my ultimate favorite view…

Where did I go?

#MikayGoesSolo Bohol tour is divided to (1) Country Side Tour and (2) Island Tour. Both tours were arranged by Kuya Jesser Cubero. I hired a motorbike plus a driver for the tour for 1 whole day. You can reach him out through :

Email : jessercubero@gmail.com

Mobile Phone # : (Globe) +63915-794-5556 (Smart) +63912-747-2737 (Sun)  +63922-367-1051

Day 01 : Country Side Tour

  • Blood Compact


  • Baclayon Church


  • Loboc River Cruise


  • Tarsier Conservation Area
  • Chocolate Hills


  • Man Made Forest


Day 02 : Island Tour

  • Dolphin Watching


  • Balicasag Island/Virgin Island
  • Bohol Bee Farm



How much is #MikayGoesSolo to Bohol Trip?

Accommodation (with breakfast buffet) = 2,400

Airfare (Roundtrip) = 1,892.32

Country Side Tour (via Motorbike) = 1,220 (including fuel and driver)

Entrance Fees = 250

Lunch at Loboc River = 450

Island Tour (Solo for the boat) = 1,700

Food (excluding breakfast) = 1,000

[Pasalubong = 1,000] * Optional

Total = 11, 312.32



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